As free idle clicker game for Android, Inconnu lets you capture, feed and breed various insects and other macroinvertebrates known as Bioindicators. You have to take care of these bugs since they behave in real-time simulation i.e. the qualities (growth, hunger, health, etc) are determined per unit time in the real world!

This mobile game is completely free and user-friendly, thus perfect for anyone, even kids!

After download, just install and the tutorial will take care of the rest!

You are a junior zoologist hired by the International Conservation Numbering Agency, commonly known as INCONNU, as a bioindicator researcher, tasked with finding specimens so they can be indexed and studied for research purposes like the cure for diseases, etc.


  • 20+ Bioindicator species to collect
  • Predator and prey system
  • Realistic growth system
  • Randomly-generated objectives with increasing difficulty
  • Real time background simulation
  • Day-Night Cycle


  • 12/05/2018
    • Added a Tutorial
  • 4/12/2019
    • Exported for HTML5
  • 4/22/2019
    • Added "Ecosystem Dynamics" or Population-based spawning.
    • Updated the Specimens Table, Titlescreen, Settings & Tutorial
  • 4/28/2019
    • Added Animal Descriptions
    • Added New Location ("The Factory")
    • Added Tweeks to Some Bioindicators
  • 4/29/2019
    • Added 2 Bioindicators ("Water Scorpion" & "Toad Bug")
    • Added the Smartphone
  • 12/5/2019
    • Ported project to Godot 3.2 Beta 2, should be stable now.


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