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Games like Spore and Impossible Creatures have always fascinated me. Not only that there can be almost an inexhaustible amount of "combinations" possible, they're games that are almost about creativity, offering almost infinite replayability.

Despite the limitless potential of these games, there hasn't been any interesting nor good animal games lately on the mobile platform.

When you think about it, the idea of creating hybrid animals or monsters certainly fits Android tycoon and idles games. You can even probably make a Multiplayer Online Battle Area game where your "heroes" are hybrids of a Panda and lobster. I really believe that this idea can make good games, but I maybe wrong.

Anyway, that's I had a thought of creating Apeirozoic: Create Your Hybrids, an Android mobile game where you combine animals, dinosaurs and mythical monsters to create hybrids and abominations. It's completely FREE to Play and available for DOWNLOAD here on Itch and Google Play here.

There are currently 36 playable and combineable creatures in the game:

Each of these animals and monsters have their own strengths and weaknesses in terms of creature stats and abilities. For example, the Wasp is a very high attack animal, but have a very low health and armor, so it falls on low power and can be combined in average of 2 Mana. However, the Dragon is both good at attack and defense so it falls significantly higher. 

Here are the current list of available abilities:

AbilityDescriptionCreaturesBody Parts
AmbushDecreases Arrival Time to 0.5 secondsSnakeHead
FrenzyIncreases attack speed by 25%Great White, GrizzlyTorso
BlockBlocks first damageHermit CrabTorso
DeflectReduces damage taken by 25%, which also act as Return DamageHercules Beetle, PangolinTorso
ElectrifyStuns target for 2s and Also deal 150% damageElectric EelTail
Stink Cloud50% accuracy reduction on target for 10 secsSkunkTail
RegenarateRegenarate 50% total max hp when Hp reaches below 25%LobsterTorso
FearAttack enemy with highest PowerBullfrogHead
Pack HunterIncrease other cards damage by 20%Wolf, Lion, RavenTorso
HerdingIncrease other cards health + maxhealth by 10%Elephant, Bison, GorillaTorso
Charge50% arrival time reductionElephant, BisonLegs
Pounce65% arrival time reductionLionLegs
PenetrateFirst attack will directly damage the Enemy Main HPLobster, Hermit Crab, Hercules BeetleArms
Gentle Body20% maxhp increase upon entrySunfish, PandaTorso
EnergizeGives the player 1 mana upon arrivalLanternfish, FireflyHead
Plaque5% maxhp damage per tick for 10 secsRatHead
OpportunityAttack enemy with least current HPFoxHead
AssassinateDeal 50% damage to target and itself onceWaspTail
Keystone EffectDeal 40% damage to all creatures (ally and enemy)FoxTorso

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