Upcoming Remake

It's been almost a year now since my first dev log post here on itch.

As the Google play version progress closer to 50k downloads, my urge to remake this game grow greater.

After essentially finishing my second project (the one after this), I've learned a lot of game design stuff. So, every time I get back to this game, I notice pretty fatal flaw on the over all game design: it's not fun, the combiner isn't fun, the game is basically boring, no progression and non-functional. It needs a really major remake!

Last weekend, I've got an awesome idea! How about a "deck-building creature builder card game"?

So, what does the Deck-Building Creature Builder mean?

The main gameplay loop of the game is to create creatures to kill the enemy/opponent player.

You create creatures by playing "Soma" and "Appendage" cards. Soma cards act as the "core", as well as the torso of your creature. Appendage cards are the head, arms, legs, wings, etc, which you will play as well to attack to your current Soma.

Basically, the deck-building aspect is you will create your "Chimera Deck" with a bunch of creature body parts, and create your creature in game.

There's still so much work to be done on the game design and programming aspect of the game.

I just finished the "Chimera Creator Engine" today and here's a preview:

If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments!

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hello is your card game open source, i working on a rpg playing card game from scratch so i was looking on people developing card game also thanks for replying!