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  • Single player (vs. Computer AI)
  • Multiplayer (vs. friend) - Same device
  • Easy to play, hard to master!
  • 82 unique cards (more coming soon!)
  • 30 - 120 minute play time
  • 100% Anomalous and charmingly indie art designs!


  1. Anomaly: Green , Yellow  and Red  (and rarely, purple ) cards from the Draw pile that can only be placed on the table.
    1. Each Anomaly falls into a particular "type":  human,  creature,  object,  location,  event,  entity, and   infohazard/memetic.
  2. Civilian : Blue cards from the Public pile that go directly in the Civilian Zone.
    1. Players are restricted to draw new civilians if they have 9+ already.
      1. However, you can still get stolen civilians.
    2. Civilian Couple & Family cards work like "higher civilian bills". However, they do not grant "change" when discarded, despite accounting to your civilian capacity.
  3. Character : Orange cards from the Draw pile that go directly to your hand (except the D-class & such).
    1. Each player can only have 2 of these in their Personnel Zone, and 5 of them in hand. Discard any excess at any time.


Players take turns clockwise, and the first player can be decided by whatever manner. Each turn consists of four Phases in the following order:

  1. Start phase: Trigger the effects of any card with the Start  symbol.
  2. Draw phase: Draw a card from either the Draw pile or the Public pile.
    1. The effects of Anomaly cards with the Breach  symbol trigger immediately upon drawing (which must be discarded), unless you Contain it by discarding the required amount of civilians:
      1. Safe : 1 civilian 
      2. Euclid : 2 civilians 
      3. Keter : 3 civilians 
      4. Thaumiel : Cannot be contained by civilians.
    2. Uncontained Anomalies without the Breach  symbol go directly to your Uncontained zone.
    3. Character cards are added to your hand.
  3. Action phase:  Choose one action:
    1. Contain an Uncontained Anomaly  by discarding Civilians .
    2. Play  or place   a Character  card from your hand. Placed Characters go to the Personnel zone, while played characters must be discarded.
    3. Draw once more  from the Public pile.
  4. End phase: Trigger the effects of any cards with the End  symbol.

Note: Cards with the Instant  symbol trigger immediately as soon as the condition becomes satisfied, regardless if it's the owner's turn or not.


The game ends when the Draw pile runs out of cards, or when only one player remains.


 The player with the most contained anomalies at the end wins the game. 


Players are knocked out of the game either:

  1. When they end a turn with no civilians,
  2. When they must discard civilians, but have none in their zone. (Being unable to discard a specific type of Civilian does not count)

Knocked out players must shuffle in their Anomaly and Character cards to the Draw pile.


  1. Site: The area each player controls, and is visible to all players.
  2. Hand: Cards in the player’s hand, not visible to other players.
  3. Civilian Zone: Your civilians.
  4. Uncontained Zone: Anomalies remain here until neutralized or contained
  5. Containment Zone: Your Contained anomalies.
  6. Discard: Remove a card from play.
  7. Contain: Move a card to the Containment Zone
  8. Uncontain: Move a card from the Containment Zone to the Uncontained Zone.
  9. Neutralize: Discard.
  10. Sacrifice: Discard.
  11. Withdraw: Return to your hand
  12. Return: Return to the Draw pile, then shuffle.
  13. Look: Look at the cards, do not re-shuffle.
  14. Search: Look for the first card of a type in the pile, shuffle it afterward.
  15. Move: Transfer a card from a player's site to another. Whenever an anomaly is "moved", it becomes Uncontained again, unless otherwise stated.
  16. Play: Use the effects of the card, or add it to your site.
  17. Suspend: Treat the effects of a card as if the text is blank.
  18. Automatically Contain: Immediately move it to your Containment Zone without the need to sacrifice civilians.


If you got any ideas, fill me in on this google form:

Also, join our discord server and discuss your ideas with us! (Tabletop Simulator version also available via Steam).

Please also vote your opinion on the current art style here:


All content in this game are based on the SCP Wiki, which is a work under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

All card artworks are from  SINSEKAI (with some created exclusively by them for this project during the development period), while the rest (icons, layout, card design, digital demo, etc.) are made by me. People on the discord server that have assisted on the overall design of the game are Mayødrian#3674, HarrisL2#0765, McQ#0755, milone#0862 and SilentEMPR E3#1310, ordered decreasingly by their contributions.

@Lulu#2074 handled all of my licensing concerns and other important stuff that is not directly related to the game.

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AuthorKenomic Games
GenreCard Game, Strategy
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Horror, Multiplayer, scp, Turn-based Strategy
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2

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