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Dangerous anomalies... entities and events of weird and twisted nature are escaping. People are dying. 

Save innocent civilians by containing these monsters and phenomena, while getting help from scientists and personnel studying them.

Can you survive until the end? Would you sacrifice a few innocent civilians for the greater good?

The fate of the SCP Foundation and the rest of humanity is in your hands!


  • Best with 3 to 6 players (but can support 2-8)
  • Very competitive & strategic
  • Light / party card game
  • 82 unique cards
  • 30 - 120 minute play time
  • 100% Anomalous and charmingly indie art designs!

Start by setting up the table and piling up the cards to create the Public pile and the Draw pile.

  • The Public Pile consists of all civilian cards.
  • The Draw pile consists of all non-civilian cards like anomaly and character cards.

This is the standard table setup:

Before actually starting, each player may draw an indefinite number of civilian cards from the Public pile until each of them has 5 single-worth civilians on their civilian zones. (If you drew a family or a couple, return them and draw again.)

Before anything else, there are 3 main keywords that you must know first:

  1. Draw - get a card from either the Public or Draw pile.
  2. Discard - remove a card and send it to the Discard pile (or Corpse pile if it’s a civilian).
  3. Contain - sacrifice (basically Discard) civilian cards to send an anomaly card from your Uncontained zone to your Containment zone.

Any player may then take the first turn, then pass it clockwise or counterclockwise.

  • The START phase is the beginning of your turn. Activate all cards with the Start phase symbol  .
  • The DRAW phase is the second phase. You may either draw from the Public pile or Draw pile during this turn.
    • If you drew an anomaly, you must show it to everyone. If that anomaly has the Breach symbol , you may “Contain” it already during this phase or "Uncontain" it (not Contain it) which makes you Discard it afterwards. If not, add it to your Uncontained zone.
  • The ACTION phase is the third phase. You have 2 primary choices during this turn:
    • Do an action.
      • Contain an anomaly on your site.
      • Play a character from your hand.
      • Refresh a card from your site.
    • Draw from the Public pile.
  • The END phase is the end of your turn. Activate all cards with the End phase symbol .

  • Upon drawing an anomaly card during the Draw phase that has the   symbols, you must immediately take it to your Uncontained zone before anything else.
  • Civilians must only go to your Civilian zone. If you already have 9 or more civilians on your Civilian zone, you can't draw anymore from the Public pile. This  would also mean you can Steal or Move civilians to your site even if you're already at this limit.
  • Upon drawing a character card during the Draw phase, immediately add it to your hand. You can only have 5 character cards on your hand at a time, Discard any excess at any time for free.
  • Played character cards with the  Active symbol must go to your Personnel zone (you can only have 2 character cards at a time, Discard any excess for free).
  • While characters with the  Play symbol must be immediately Discarded and sent to the Discard pile after use.
  • Your Uncontained zone and Containment zone has no limit.

The game will end under 2 primary conditions:
1. When the Public pile runs out the 2nd time (or 1st time for a faster game).
2. When the Draw pile runs out.

A player may get “KNOCKED OUT”:
1. If they end their “End phase” with no civilian cards in their civilian zone.
2. If they must Discard a civilian card but have none in their civilian zone.

The winner will be the player with the most points at the end of the game.

  • Civilian :  +1
  • Contained anomalies:
    • Safe :  +2 
    • Euclid :  +4 
    • Keter :  +6
  • For each Uncontained anomaly, you lose points:
    • Safe :  -1 
    • Euclid :  -2 
    • Keter :  -3 
  • Characters  and other anomaly types currently DO NOT award points.

  1. Discard/Neutralize/Sacrifice: Remove a card from play, and place it (face down) the appropriate pile. (Civilians go to the Corpse pile, the rest on the Discard pile.)
  2. Contain: Move a card to the Containment Zone.
  3. Uncontain: Move a card from the Containment Zone to the Uncontained Zone.
  4. Withdraw: Return to your hand.
  5. Return: Return to the Draw pile, then shuffle.
  6. Look: Look/Peak only at the cards, return them but do not re-shuffle.
  7. Find: Look for the first card of a type in the target pile, Take/Draw it, then shuffle that pile afterward.
  8. Search: Look for any card of a type in a target pile. Draw it and shuffle the pile.
  9. Move: Transfer a card from a player's site to another. Whenever an anomaly is "moved", it becomes Uncontained again, unless otherwise stated.
  10. Steal: Take a card and become its new owner.
  11. Play: Use the effects of the card, or add it to your site.
  12. Suspend: Treat the effects of a card as if the text are blank.
  13. Attach/Detach: Place/Move adjacently to a target card. Unless noted: Attached cards do not consume the limit of their respective zones; Attached civilians can still be Sacrificed for whatever purpose; Attached characters still function like they should; When the card to which your card is attached is Moved, Stolen, (Uncontained, Contained), Sacrificed, Discarded, etc, the attached and all attached would inherit the same. Thus, Attach cards at your own risk!
  14. Exhaust/Refresh: Rotate the card by 90 degrees to make them Exhausted. You may Refresh (thus, un-Exhaust) an Exhausted card by rotating it to the original 0 degree position. You may Refresh any Exhausted card on your site for free during the Action phase as your action. Exhausted civilians can't be Sacrificed, Exhausted anomalies can't be Contained, while Exhausted characters can't be Discarded and Suspended.

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If you got any ideas, fill me in on this google form:

Also, join our discord server and discuss your ideas with us!

Come play with us on Tabletop Simulator!

Please also vote your opinion on the current art style here:


All content in this game are based on the SCP Wiki, which is a work under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

All card artworks are from  SINSEKAI (with some created exclusively by them for this project during the development period), while the rest (icons, layout, card design, digital demo, etc.) are made by me.

People on the discord server that have assisted on the overall design of the game are Mayødrian#3674, and Lydiens#6723.

@Lulu#2074 handled all of my licensing concerns and other important stuff !

Play this game on your device, digitally (last updated today)!


Uncontained Card Maker V6 Windows x64.exe 39 MB
Uncontained Core Set V7A Beta 1.zip 21 MB
Uncontained Core Set V7B Beta 1 Japanese Version.zip 46 MB
Uncontained Core Set V7B Beta 14.pdf 3 MB

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can you add the joke scps in

we'll see

nvm i figured it out

i have looked in the files to open the game to find nothing to open the game with

I cant figure out how to enter the game can someone help me

I can’t find the link for printing, can you send a direct link through? I would really appreciate it as this game looks frickin sick.

It's at the bottom of the page, just labelled core set v7!


thank you kind soul, you are epic!


  can you reput the exV6 becuse why i dont have it

(1 edit)

Do you mean the first expansion? Sorry but I pulled it up :( You can read more about why I did that here: https://kenoma.itch.io/scp-card-game/devlog/124009/core-set-spicy-new-stuff-and-...


could you give me a link to a folder containing each card separately if you can, please

I've uploaded a new version, with the included zip file of each card! :D


Wow this game is incredible! I play it with my siblings and it is a blast. I think the idea of thaumiel scps is very interesting and i would like to see more soon. Keep up the good work :)


Thanks for playing and I'm glad you've enjoyed it ! :D 

SCP artworks for the thaumiels 2000 and 3000 are already on the way, so stay tuned :D




Also, you mention a version available with steam but i cannot find it, whats the name of the steam version?


Oh, yeah, the Tabletop Simulator version on Steam? You have to ask the guys responsible for it on our discord server. :)

Oh cool :D

Hi, I'm the one responsible for the table top simulator version, if you haven't found it yourself yet, it can be found on steam here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1985683217


I had a lot of fun playing! Just one thing: some cards are very vague about their effects. Could you revise them to check if they are obvious enough? I really appreciate your work and really want it to be accessible to everyone.


That's our issue while playtesting as well, especially with the paradoxcal insurance policy scp card. :( I'll be reworking them soon so stay tuned!!


Glad to see that! I'll be surely following you! Keep it up!


Hi, we've just updated the cards & the rules. Have you checked it already? I would love to get your feedback!!


I recently played it, and it was more fun than the last update! Though, I have some wishes: -The civilian and some character cards art is really bland, which interrupts gameplay to read its effect. If the characters and civilians had more unique art for each card, it would help significantly in ease of gameplay. (Sorry for long comment!)


Ohh yeah, so the art for the civilian family, couple, female and child, as well as most character cards, are still placeholder art as of the moment. We're still waiting for Sinsekai to complete these final art. :) 

If it's okay, mind telling me how are you playing the game right now? Are you playing with your friends, family, coworkers, etc? :)


saw this on reddit and is fun as fuck


i'm glad you found it fun!


I think it would be great if you can make a video showing how to play & setup the game


Sure!! That'd be my next update soon :)